Children’s Ministry



Nursery Care

We welcome your child to our Child Care services for infants & toddlers during the service. Our facilities are fully equipped for you child’s entertainment and enjoyment. Please see usher for directions.



IMG_0516Sunday School

Sunday School is a place to gain friendships, learn about God and Jesus and to grow in your faith- please join us on Sunday Mornings!  We would love to have you with us!

Classes for children, from preschool through 7th grade, are held during Sunday worship celebration, which begins at 10:00AM. Following the opening praise songs our children and teachers go to classrooms in the Sunday School wing for Bible lessons, crafts and singing. Once a month, there is a focus on the mission work of the church.

Hints on how to talk to your child about what they learned in Sunday School without asking “So how was Sunday School today?”

1. Tell me one thing you learned today.
2. How did you help somebody today?
3. How did somebody help you today?
4. Tell me something that made you happy in Sunday School today.


Enjoying Craft Time in Sunday School!!

Quotes to Inspire

If you want children to improve let them overhear the nice things you say about them to others!”  Hain Ginott

Children are like sponges they soak up things they hear and things they see, just listen to them play and you will hear it.

 A Parent’s Prayer

Thank you for my children, Lord, I know they are a gift from YOU.  Daily I need your strength and wisdom to train them in the way they should go.  Give me Patience when needed and a joyful heart as I tend to their needs. Let me be an example of Your love and forgiveness. Thank you Father for the honor of being a parent.  Amen